Stroganoff recipe

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from the chapter “back to the great classics” i suggest you to “study” the famous “beef stroganoff”
beef stroganoff is a very "noble" dish and the final result will convince you of my statement. it seems that the recipe was made in honor of the powerful and influential noble family stroganoff (alexander grigorievich stroganoff of odessa and count paul stroganoff known to be a russian diplomat), and the chef who created it made it a work of art that managed to resist over time.
why did i started to "study" the classics after i cooked so many modern recipes in very different styles, almost all of them in the contemporary "fusion" style?
because there comes a time when you want to understand why some things remain famous and why are they precious and especially because you want an authentic experience.
even if i ate beef or chicken prepared in stroganoff style (and i honestly liked it), i would try to look for an original recipe from the era when stroganoff recipe became known.
it seems that the first written notes of this famous recipe exist from 1861 when elena molokhovets wrote a cook book stating "beef a la stroganoff, with mustard”. the original recipe did not include any vegetables (onions or mushrooms). a 1912 recipe adds onions and tomato juice. mushrooms were added to make this recipe more tastefull.
stroganoff is made with beef, chicken or turkey. the taste is a little different depending on what meat you use but ther’re all delicious.
stroganoff is a simple but refined recipe. it is made to satisfy demanding tastes. serving this recipe requires a castle environment and a bit of ambiental music to create an intimate and festive atmosphere. i could not could not help it so the presentation was contemporary (because to me it seems more elegant).
but let's go for it! today's recipe is turkey cooked in a classic style with some sour cream and dijon mustard.

-turkey breast
-150 ml sour cream
-one teaspoon of dijon mustard (you can add more)
-one small white onion
-300 gr fresh mushrooms (optional)
-one tablespoon flour (only if you don’t add more mustard)
-salt and pepper
-150 ml dry white wine (i added rose) or chicken/ vegetable broth (natural not powder)

wash turkey breast, drain it of water and then cut it into strips.

fry meat in little oil. while cooking (high fire) sprinkle salt and pepper and mix well.

meanwhile, prepare a sour cream sauce. pour sour cream into a bowl, add dijon mustard and stir well.

gradually add wine and stir.

meanwhile the meat is medium cooked but fried on all sides.

this is the moment when you have to take it out of the pan (it will cook better in the final sauce).

the secret of maintaining the turkey meat tender (valid for any other meat : beef, chicken) is covering it while is still hot and keeping it warm until ready to serve.

meanwhile melt some butter in oil (2 tablespoons).

chopp onion (you don’t want to find big pieces of onion into food) and put it into pan in oil to cook. cooking is done at medium heat.

sprinkle salt over onion and stir. cook onion until becomes "glassy" don’t let it overcook (become brown).

clean the mushrooms and slice or diced them as you prefer (i like bigger cubes to taste them better at the end).

add mushrooms over onions and cook at medium heat until it gets soft and juicy.

now is time to add the pieces of meat and continue cooking over medium to low.

after two minutes, add sour cream, mustard and wine mixed together. (keep a little to dilute the flour).

stir remaining sour cream with flour and add it too into pan, stirring constantly.

let it simmer on very low heat until sauce thickens slightly.

now it's ready.
side dish can be boiled rice or french fries. i obviously recommend the boiled rice (it's elegant and healthier).
boil rice in plenty of water with salt and a tablespoon of oil. drain excess water.

drain rice well in a sieve (especially if you want tu turn it into a tournedo).

place pastry ring on plate. add rice and press.

now is optional but i chose to "play" with pickled cucumber salad, so i created a layer of finely diced gherkins (perfectly complimenting the food taste).

at the end add the stroganoff turkey. still leave the ring in position 1 - 2 minutes before taking it (to stabilize the arrangement).

and ... voila. sprinkle a little sauce (or more as you wish) for a fusion look.

decorate with a branch of fresh thyme for the flavor. served with salad and gherkins (cut the gherkins in the shape of cigarettes, that is fancy).

and now another version with cucumber topping on top:

and if you want it more consistent:

serve hot with white wine but champagne is suitable as well.
even if you do not sit at the table with a count nor in a castle, this food, festivity as presented, can make you feel and be treated like a princess (believe me: "the women becames queen when she treats her husband like a king " i heard this saying long time ago and i am not sorry that i listened)


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