Tabouleh - Lebanese salad with bulgur

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arabian salads are very fresh, full of vegetables, greens and fresh herbs, which invite you both by their appetizing aspect, but also by oriental flavors.
tabouleh is a well known lebanese salad based on tomato, parsley and bulgur. the fragrant lemon and mint dressing gives a touch of freshness.
it is ideal for holidays, for a body detoxification.

-a cup of bulgur
-a green salad (arabs use romana lettuce)-optional
-a bundle of green onions
-6 tomatoes
-a bundle of parsley
-half a bunch fresh mint
-a lemon

first prepare the bulgur. place a cup of bulgur in a bowl and cover with cold water.

allow 30-40 minutes, until well swollen.

if excess water remains, drain well.
then mix with chopped greens.

cut tomatoes into cubes and add them on it.

mix 2-3 tablespoons of oil with lemon juice and salt and pour the dressing over the salad. mix well.

this is the simple version of tabouleh.

you can serve on roman lettuce leaves or fresh spinach.

garnish with radishes or tomatoes.