Taillerins aux myrtilles - French purple pasta "Pure Seduction"

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the french are not renowned for pasta, but are renowned for refinement. when the french were determined to make pasta, came something spectacular, unique and challenging.
the italians have pasta supremacy, but i assure you that a serving of french tagliatelle makes you "trick" at least once, the classic spaghetti.
the french did not want to copy, so they created something original, cranberry flavor combined with fine and delicate pasta (wheat-based and egg) and released something new. they called it "taillerins", not to be mistaken with neighbors "tagliatelle" and used them to create the most challenging recipes. they are ideal in combination with roast duck breast. you can serve simple, with butter or crème fraîche (cream).

-half a pack of pasta
-one tablespoon of butter
-red cranberry sauce

here are the stars:

boil pasta in water with salt.

drain them, rinse them with cold water.

mix them with melted butter on high heat.

add 1-2 tablespoons of liqueur.

mix with 1-2 tablespoons of cranberry sauce.

sprinkle some salt and they are ready.

their deep purple color makes them very attractive and the taste is very interesting.

serve plain or with duck breast.

bon appetit!