Tortellini with spinach and ricotta with white cream sauce

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"tortellini con spinaci e ricotta" is a classical italian pasta recipe. the most delicious are the fresh ones. therefore, we recommend that you either cook the tortellini yourselves or you buy them from a reputable producer.

the light spinach and ricotta fill, the sour cream sauce with mozzarella with light touches of oregano and a little garlic make this recipes a true delight. this is a recipe which is worth savoring, but don't over-do it with the portion size if you're dieting :)

- one pack of fresh tortellini (850 gr)
- one table-spoon of butter
- one garlic clove
- 200ml of liquid sour cream
- one cup of grated mozzarella
- salt, pepper
- oregano

boil the tortellini in water with a some salt (2-3 minutes)

drain and rinse the pasta with cold water.

melt a spoon of butter.

grind 1-2 cloves of garlic and harden them in butter.

add the tortellini on top of the melted butter, mix well and pour the liquid sour cream on top.

let it boil over small intensity fire for 2-3 minutes. spread the pepper over.

add the mozzarella. mix well the mozzarella until it melts in the sauce.

when the mozzarella is melted, spread the oregano and it's ready.

serve immediately.

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bon apetit!