Tournedos Rossini

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the famous recipe "tournedos rossini " belongs to the italian composer with the same name, gioachino rossini. his musical works have become famous, quickly capturing the hearts of the public (best known opera is "the barber of seville"), but giachino rossini made history as the author of some culinary masterpieces, since the artist's imagination was the source of unheard and tasstefull combinations. the flavors of tournedos rossini are a real show, revealing the complexity of taste from very fine ingredients, elegant and attractive, each having a taste with a distinct personality, but they manage to blend in a dionysian combination , meant to wow all the senses, especiallly the taste.
on the basis of this preparation lies the famous beef filet, presented on a slice of buttered breadtopped with a nicely browned medallion of foie gras, sprinkled with brown sauce flavored with madeira wine and truffle scraped ... and for there must be a final mark of grace, rossini imagined a decor fresh truffle slices to decorate the medallion of foie gras. culinary excellence!
rossini lived long in paris (where he died), and this recipe has been executed by one of the most famous french chefs at the suggestion and under the supervision of the famous composer. the name "turnedos" comes from the french expression "tourner le dos" (to turn it upside down), that rossini used while waiting the preparation of this unique beef steack. legend says that rossini insisted that preparation of this recipe happens in the dining room in order to oversee the execution times. during grilling the beef filet, rossini shouted to the chef :"tournez-moi le dos"(obviously, wanting to check the degree of the roast). but his expression aroused general amusement and the surprise of the final preparation was so great, that the chef has introduced the recipe in his menu with the name of the creator rossini.

this is the history of original tournedos rossini ... today, we are going to make tournedos rossini, but ... in another way. we will build a suite of flavors , dominated by the taste of foie gras and perfectly browned slices of duck breast , garnished with a exquisite truffle flavored champagne sauce.
this version brings two of the most popular french ingredients ("magret de canard "duck breast, and" foie gras" - goose or duck liver)in very seductive result.

the ingredients for the original recipe or this version of tournedos rossini are, by definition, a "luxury." therefore, this preparation is ideal for a festive menu, holiday (new year's eve),a birthday or a romantic dinner.
even if this recipe is luxury you should not be stressed. once you have solved the problem of buying ingredients, everything goes by itself. preparing and tasting the tournedos rossini is like listening to opera: in every moment you discover a new feeling , and finally you feel like you're another man:)

ingredients (for 6-8 people):
-a duck breast
-a duck liver (foie gras)
-slices of bread (number of slices to be equal to the number of tournedos)
-some black truffles
-dry champagne, full of flavor ("moscato maestro" i used) or madeira wine
-himalayan pink salt, (i have used ),but you can use regular salt or, if possible, "fleur de sel"
-spices for foie gras (optional)- i used juniper (to complete the musky aroma of the champagne with a fresh note). you can stick with salt and pepper, or spicy asian mix. or you can simply leave the foie gras the way it is, its natural flavor is just divine.

basic ingredients:
foie gras

duck breast and black truffles:

wash th duck breast an make some incisions o the skin side . sprinkle with salt, pepper, paprika, juniper. rub well to deeply flavor the meat, let them develop their scent about 30 minute,at room temperature (when you put the meat on the pan, it should not be cold , because it will have a thermic shock and will harden).

wash the duck liver and wipe or allow to drain well.

then slice into 1.5 cm thick medallions.

season (optional). the aroma of freshly ground juniper is unusual, it smell like pine, resin, and brings a touch of elegance and freshness to the recipe. it is a masculine scent, pure and strong, but this taste is gradually blended in the dominant aroma of fried foie gras, leaving only a hint. juniper is a rare spice in the kitchen, but marriages well with the versatile foie gras. worth trying!
melt one teaspoon butter in skillet and fry the slices of bread.

bread should be slightly browned, flavored, softened inside, crispy outside, but not full of fat, so use just a spoon of butter.

sotee the foie gras medallions in very hot pan, without a bit of fat (the liver is very fat ),just a few seconds on each side, until it is nicely browned (about 20 seconds on each side, but check the appearance). reserve the fried slices of foie gras in a baking dish, keeping them hot.

drain fat from foie gras pan (keep it for other recipes) and reheat the the duck breast in it, skin down. let it fry on medium heat 5 minutes (you can cover with a lid). do not puncture, nor presse the meat, do not do anything!

turn it when is nicely browned. if you touch it with your finger, should be very soft. it's a sign that it's done "rare"

to be "medium" done, the duck breast will still need to let the other side another 4-5 minutes. the digital pressure is a good test: it should be soft-elastic. red meat (duck, beef, ostrich, etc.) is tender only if a properly prepared, meaning "medium" or "medium to the rare" what you should know, is that once removed from the pan, the meat should be set on a earm plate/pan, not on a cold plate because the juices are still hot inside the meat, red meat continues to "cook" itself for another 10-15 minutes. to get a juicy roast duck and beef steak is better to put it ina warm dish, cover tightly with a lid or aluminium foil and put it in the oven at 120 degrees for 10 minutes.this completes the cooking and juices are going back in the meat, for a tender and soft steack.

meanwhile, sauté some mushrooms in a some duck fat.

add the wine or champagne.

let it boil until sauce is reduced and the alcohol evaporates. finally ,add the juice from the truffle jar and 2 tablespoons scraped truffles . reduce heat, stir to homogenize and cmbine the flavors. stop the fire.

note that truffles are not boiled, you just let them "infuse" in champagne sauce.

meanwhile, remove the duck from the oven, while is still elastic and soft , but less hot. pour the left meat sauce into the pan with truffles and champagne gravy, mix well.
duck breast is placed on a cutting board . wait 3-5 minutes before slicing. slice following the incisions.

notice the level of medium doneness: the duck breast remains pink inside .
now arrange the tournedos. the the classic rossini is : a slice of bread, beef, foie gras, madeira sauce and truffle slices.
my version "canard" (means "duck") goes on an atypical presentation, that we put a slice of duck breast vertically, between two foie gras medallions. in this way, the pinck of the duck is much better exposed to the eye. this aranjament creates a series of steps where you can place the sauteed mushroom and truffle slices. obviously, you can arrange the tournedos the way you like it. let free you imagination and creativity.
so, we put a slice of bread on a warm plate (not hot).topp with 2 medallions of foie gras.

between the medallions of foie gras, place the slice of duck breast, with thw browned crust on top. sprinkled with champagne sauce and decorate the plate with some mushrooms.

finally, sprinkle with a tablespoon of sauce and add 3-4 slices of truffle over the tournedos.

serve accompanied by the wine or champagne used for the sauce (to complete the flavor).

this recipe needs a pleasant presentation, so do not forget to have already arranged as a festive dinner table.
good appetite!