Turkey in spicy sauce

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this is a simple and very interesting recipe. the turkey meat is very tasty and is suitable for special combinations. the spicy sauce, along with cherry tomatoes, addsfreshness to the recipe.

- 4 large pieces of turkey meat 
- tomato sauce
- 10 cherry tomatoes
- a glass of dry white wine
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- salt, pepper, paprika
- pepper paste
- mixed spices: coriander, pepper, salt, sesame, turmeric, paprika, poppy seeds, nutmeg, dried parsley, rasping of lemon and orange peel, garlic, hot pepper, fennel and onion (if you don't have ready-made spice , create your own blend fom the ingredients above)

wash the pieces of turkey. season them well and then fry them in a pan with olive oil until they become ruddy. 

when the turkey is well done on both sides, add the wine and half a glass of water. let it boil over low heat, covered by the lid.

after about 30 minutes, check whether the turkey pieces are well done. add one teaspoon of hot pepper paste and the tomato sauce.

stir, put the lid on , boil for another 10 minutes.

if the sauce is not sufficiently thick,continue the boilling without the lid. finally, add the cherry tomatoes and stop the fire.

serve with mashed potatoes or boiled rice.