Veal Tongue with Olives

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The veal tongue is a very practical recipe: it's a good cold appetizer as well as a good warm main dish. The recipe is very simple, the only downside is that you have to boil the tongue for a longer time (so that it softens). The tomatoes sauce with olives is delicious and perfectly complements the tender veal tongue.

- one veal tongue
- one spoon of tomatoes paste
- one spoon (maximum two) of flour
- salt, pepper
- one small white onion
- one jar of black olives

Wash the tongue and cut it into pieces. Let the pieces in cold water for couple of minutes.

Boil the tongue in water with a bit of salt. You need to boil the tongue for at least one hour. We boiled it for two hours (it's done when it's easy to stick a fork in it).

When it's warm enough, take out the peel/membrane. Then, let it cool and cut it into slices. You can leave it in the fridge and prepare the sauce the following day.

You need to clean the onion and keep it in cold water for about one hour (so that the spiciness goes away). For the sauce, chop the onion into small pieces and temper it in a little oil for one minute.

Then, add the hot water until it covers the onion and let it boil.

After the water has evaporated, add the flour and mix quickly so that it mixes well with the tempered onion.

Reduce the fire and mix until the sauce thickens.

Add the tomatoes paste after you dissolve it in water.

Spread salt and pepper. Add a laurel leave.
After the sauce boils, continue to mix until it starts to thicken. Add the veal tongue cut in cubes.

Then, add the olives.

It's ready after the olives boil for couple of minutes.

Serve warm or cold.

Enjoy the veal tongue with olives!