Veal steak tournedos - "La Corrida"

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this is a culinary-visual representation of a veritable spanish "corrida". of course, because it has a spanish touch, you must use high quality veal tenderloin, spicy condiments and red peppers.

corrida is a controversial sport, raised at an art level in spain. it's the symbol of human victory against the bull, and it has several stages, with the matador appearing only at the end, being the one chosen to give the final strike to the bull.

the "matador" recipe for the veal steak illustrates his triumphant victory and it's offered to you as a culinary trophy.

- 2 pieces of veal tenderloin
- one big pepper
- one can of mashed tomatoes
- one spoon of hot pepper paste
- salt, pepper, garlic
- olive oil

after 5 minutes, turn the on the other side.

now you can start working on the hot sauce. heat a spoon of olive oil, then add the minced garlic and the mashed tomatoes. fry a bit the tomatoes, add the salt, pepper and the hot pepper paste.

add the grilled red pepper slices in the sauce and let them boil over a low intensity fire for several minutes, covered by the lid.

in the meantime, grill the veal steak on the hot grill, without pressing it.

after 3 minutes, turn the veal steaks on the other side and turn the fire to medium and grill them for another 3 minutes.

when they are done, take them out on a plate and spread some salt over them. arrange the veal steaks by alternating the steaks with the red peppers.

sprinkle the hot sauce over the veal steaks and offer it to the "matador" for him to taste it.