Vegan chocolate cream

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chocolate is every gourmet's dream, but besides the black one (which is very good for heart and brain), the other types of chocolate are not very nutritional and not too valuable for diet. the chocolate cream, soft and smooth, is often prohibited on a healthy diet because it contains too much sugar and fat (they are most often hydrogenated, so harmful to our heart and arteries).
in addition, if you are on a fasting day, when you feel without energy, the thought of a chocolate cream tart can be a real torture.
that's why i decided to present this completely vegetarian recipe, to ease the last days of lent.
after tasting the chocolate cream i am convinced that you will not ever want to return to the commercial version. it's so smooth, so glossy, aromatic and energizing, that i do not think it's possible not to like it!
the mashed avocado offers silky smoothness and consistency but not a strong taste, only offers a divine texture cream. so you can even tempt persons who do not eat avocado with this dessert, because they will not realize that there is avocado in composition.

the basic ingredients for a raw vegan chocolate cream are: ripe avocado pulp, agaves syrup and cocoa. only this should be enough for a delicious cream. but we can also add different toppings and flavors: bio vanilla powder (appears as a brown-black powder), organic almond essence, finely ground almonds, various dried fruits.

the avocado is perfectly ripe when is soft-elastic to the touch. it can also be very ripe for this recipe.

remove the core with a spoon, mashing it with a fork. mix it well with 2 tablespoons of agaves syrup (taste it in the end to see if it needs more).

mix 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa (preferably organic, is more energizing and nourishing).

if you want to add dried orange peel, you can add 2-3 tablespoons.

add almond powder to obtain a creamy consistency.

finally, it should be very smooth and creamy with a glossy aspect, super tasty. only the fruits pieces should be distinctively felt.

serve immediately or cover with foil and leave in refrigerator for several hours.
when serving, decorate with dried fruits: blueberries, apricots, candied orange peel, etc...