Whole chicken with exotic glaze and flavored apple stuffing

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enlightened by the colors of summer, with asian (oriental) aromas, combined with the smell of baked apples, the baked exotic chicken is proud to be found on the plateau, with its beautiful shiny glaze of honey and vanilla, and invites you to a culinary vacation on an exotic island .
if you want to make a festive chicken recipe, but also to only work for five minutes, then baked whole chicken recipe is ideal for you. all work is limited to an hour and a half waiting for the chicken to become tender and fragrant on the inside, crispy and delicious frosted on the outside.
because summer has already come i propose an exotic recipe, a perfect combination of ripe apples, asian flavors and elegant and discreet notes of vanilla.
the combination between chicken and vanilla is typical for reunion islands, so i used this final detail for my exotic inspiration chicken.
a tempting recipe, a generously aromatic bouquet, with a spicy taste, slightly sweet, which i invite you to prepare for a weekend.
because you deserve something special!

-a whole chicken
-one large apple (to fit into chicken)
-a few cloves of garlic
-asian spice mix "five flavors"
-hot paprika, sweet paprika
-sechuan-pepper (if you have very well, gives a special scent, if not, it’s ok without it too)
-a few tablespoons of honey
-2-3 vanilla sticks or 2 tsp vanilla seeds (no way vanilla essence)

wash and wipe chicken. please grease it with little oil, for spices to stick, and put it in a tray . sprinkle salt and spices (no vanilla and honey) inside and outside of the chicken.
insert striped apple into chicken. place 4-5 cloves slightly crushed garlic (to release more flavor) inside chicken. add few sechuan peppercorns (if you do no havet, add colored or black pepper) and they will get inside the chicken. now i finished the filling.

dust the chicken exterior with as many spices, to be more colorful.

place chicken into oven on a low level at 180 degrees and leave for about 30 minutes.

mix 2-3 tablespoons of honey with vanilla seeds and lemon juice (for a thin sauce). if you don’t have lemon, put a little water. grease chicken with this mixture and place it back into oven.

if it seems to brown too quickly reduce heat to 160 degrees and sprinkle it more often with the pan sauce.

repeat procedure every 15 minutes. first sprinkle chicken with pan sauce (sauce from the chicken) and then spread it with the honey and vanilla mixture of (to form the glaze).

after about an hour and a half the chicken is ready. chicken is well cooked and you can see how the meat is brown and shrinks from the bone legs (this is a sign it’s ready).

smells tempting, looks appetizing, so invite them all to eat. serve with garnish of cooked or fried basmati rice prepared in chinese style.