Wild salmon in mustard crust with sumac and grapefruit salad

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the salmon in sumac and mustard crust is a treat that it's worth being enjoyed near a less exotic salad, such as spinach, rocket, grapefruit and almond one.
the association of the flavors creates a delicious sour-spicy coating that highlights the juicy meat of the wild salmon.

wash the salmon fillets. let them drain well. season them with sea salt, black pepper, a little sumac and ground mustard seeds.
place the salmon fillets skin down on the hot grill. cover the grill with a lid, for the salmon to be better penetrated due to steam formed. the fire should be medium.

mix 2-3 tablespoons of thick yogurt with a tablespoon of lemon juice. when the fish is almost done (it turns pink in 5 minutes), brush each piece of salmon with yogurt mixture and then sprinkle a layer of ground mustard beans.

sprinkle a teaspoon of sumac (red spice, slightly sour, specific to arabian cuisine).

cover again with the lid and let another 2-3 minutes, to be well done. note that we don't turn the salmon because the bottom is protected by the skin and doesn't get burned.

when ready, turn off the heat and let the fish about 5 minutes to cool down. it is good to be served warm, but not hot.
meanwhile, prepare a salad of young spinach leaves, rocket, bits of grapefruit and almond slices. season with a thread of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar.

serve the salmon warm over the salad. it is delicious and very juicy (the section is the proof).
enjoy your meal!