Zucchini and carrot spaghetti

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summer is the season of easy, very colorful, and full of healthy vegetables recipes. and because we talk about health, we must consider not only the quality of the ingredients but also how to prepare them.
because the thermal preparation destroys all or nearly all the vitamins and enzymes in vegetables and fruits (depending on time and temperature), is proper to get used to cooking without fire.
during the summer, the vegan cooking without fire is highly recommended because it will provide delicious and very healthy menus in a very short time.
the vegan dishes will offer not only taste and great satisfaction, but a great energy source because they will provide a natural contact with raw food.
to exemplify, today we will prepare a salad in the form of spaghetti, only with vegetables. we will use a carrot and a zucchini, both "bio" (i.e., untreated), which were previously washed thoroughly with cold water. peel the carrot. keep the zucchini as it is. subsequently, using the special device with teeth, i cut in the shape of spaghetti. i seasoned with a marinade consisting of olive oil, salt and lemon and i left for 5 minutes to soften slightly.
mix and serve immediately, simple or with fresh tomato sauce with chopped basil.

it's a unique way to enjoy fresh zucchini.
enjoy your meal!