Baked potatoes with bacon and onion

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one of the most delicious potato recipe is baked potatoes with bacon and onion. simple, rustic, this recipe is very good because of its natural taste. smoky flavor is perfectly balanced by the taste of black pepper and garlic. like any peasant recipe, the ingredients are few, but preparation is characterized by a strong balanced and “authentic” taste.
romanian cuisine is a wellspring of "culinary treasures”, which i invite you to discover, enjoy them and begin to appreciate their true value. baked potatoes with bacon and onion recipe is simple, but so fragrant, that i belive it will make you feel proud.
-a few potatoes (depends how many members you have at the table) - 6 medium potatoes in this case
-smoked kaiser or bacon (ideally with little fat) -200 gr
-2 garlic cloves
-salt, pepper
-paprika (optional)

wash potatoes, peel and clean them and then cut into cubes.

put water to boil. cut smoked kaiser into thin strips.

add a teaspoon of salt into boiling water and then add the potatoes cubes.

allow potatoes to boil at high heat for several minutes. check them with a fork: press potato slowly with fork so it remains whole and doesn’t smash . doesn’t have to be completely boiled, because you have to fry them together with the smoked kaiser. drain potatoes in a strainer and leave them there until the you fry the kaiser. preheat a little oil. add kaiser and smashed garlic and let them fry. stir constantly.

when almost all the kaiser fat has melted, but still not very brown, add the boiled and well drained potatoes.

sprinkle pepper and paprika over them.

stir well and leave everything on fire, about 5 minutes.

serve hot with salad.

are excellent as a garnish for steak too.