Steamed vegetables with hot sauce

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steamed vegetables are a great option for a healthy, vegetarian menu. steamer is very fashionable today, although it was used in ancient times by asians. the classic steamer, made of bamboo, is, in my opinion, the most effective (and why not, more environmentally friendly). you can cook any kind of steamed vegetables, fresh fish, rice, and this way will keep their nutritional properties.
add to the vegetables a hot sauce and you’ll have a wonderful preparation vegan “fusion”.
place each type of vegetable, washed and sliced, on one of the steamer's deck.

within 5 minutes the broccoli is ready (note how the color is changing into light green). do not cook the vegetables more than 5 minutes, because they will lose all their properties.

prepare a sauce that go perfectly with steamed vegetables.
preheat a tablespoon of olive oil, add chopped green pepper (into cubes), ground garlic. cook them in olive oil for 2 minutes.

add a cup of thick tomato juice, salt, pepper, hot paprika and stir.

when sauce has reduced, remove it from heat and pour it over vegetables.
you can serve vegetables with rice and spicy sauce.

arrange serving platter as elegant and appetizing as you can. it is possible that people who do not like vegetables very much will be tempted to taste :)!